September 6, 2016

Here and Now

flowers against blue sky - Fabulistas

This post has been such a long time coming and I must have started it 45 different times, but words can’t fully capture these past few months so I’ve decided to stop trying and just be here with you all now. I know when my heart and mind have settled a bit (and I can figure out my part of the story to tell) I’ll find the right words. Or maybe I won’t. What I’ve learned most over these past couple of months is guarantees are often not within my control, a thought which is terrifying and exhilarating.

What I can promise you is this: I will do my best to be present with you and with my life. I will remember to look up at the sky and the sun and the trees instead of always down at my to do list. I’ll remember to get down to my kids’ level to hear about their day, roll around on the floor, and giggle with them while they still think I’m cool. I’ll commit to lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling for no other reason than to remember what it feels like to have enough time. I promise to not forget how good an ordinary day feels. To revel in the small joys and big hugs that make a life well-loved and well-lived. I will work to practice patience with other people because I don’t know or understand the trials they may be going through. I will make time for the things I love to do because they bring me joy and that is enough. I’ll make the time to really connect with the people I love because, when it comes down to it, they are what matters and where my heart lies.

And when I invariably fail to remember all of this and forget to hold life preciously and instead get caught up in racing against the clock and getting it all done, I’ll give myself a break and, when I remember to, give myself permission to have an iced coffee and try, try again.

July 21, 2016

Places to Buy a Swimsuit Online That Will Flatter a Post-Partum Bod

gold swimsuit top for easy summer styleI have finally come to the conclusion that, when it comes to swimsuits, I can’t wear the cheapies anymore. I used to be able to get by with a Target Juniors’ special where it’s basically a bit of fabric; since kids, I need all the accoutrement to hold me in (and up) if I want to smooth out the bumps and not be constantly pulling my suit back into place.

One of the best purchases I have EVER made (and that is saying something because I am, ahem, a fairly amazing shopper) was this swimsuit by ModCloth. I’m trying to figure out exactly what was so great about it and what keeps coming to mind is I never minded wearing it, which is saying something when it comes to swimsuits. It gave me an hourglass figure without being obvious about it, it looked stylish but not trendy, and it had plenty of coverage (I like that it hit my thighs a bit lower) without covering me up.

It was such a great swimsuit that at Bennett’s birthday party one of my friends showed up in the exact same one and all we could do was squeal and keep repeating, “It’s the best suit ever, right?” (You know you wish you were there).

women-pool-swim-coverupsIn fact, THAT is it’s biggest selling point. I wore it in public in front of people I know, which is all I need to say. It’s one thing to parade around in togs in front of strangers, but a whole different beast to do it in front of people you have to look in the eye at the next birthday party. (I don’t have a photo of us in our suits, but here we are in our hats and cover-ups, essentially dressed as twins, so you get the idea).

In the past year I’ve worn that suit so much I literally wore the backside out, which I didn’t realize until my four-year old helpfully pointed out it was essentially see-through. In front of the entire pool. Very loudly.

I thought about simply buying the same one because it’s worked so well, but figured I can always come back to it; now that I know that a little more cash can buy me a suit that flatters my curves, I figured I’d play the field a bit. So, I tried on a lot of suits from a lot of different places and ended up with these five online shops that have a consistent selection of adorable, flattering suits that work on a post-partum bod.

So, without further ado, here are my 5 Fave Online Shops for Swimsuits for Gals with Real Bodies:

Albion Fit swimsuits perfect for moms2
1. Albion Fit: Will you look at these suits?!?! Albion Fit gets my top position because all their suits offer a ton of coverage, but ARE STILL FRIGGIN’ ADORABLE. They’re on trend but not trendy and I’m obsessed. After all my shopping and trying on, I ended up buying the pink palm tree suit to the left, and I honestly love it. The top holds me up and gives me a waist, the bottoms are really high and cover up my belly and it’s easy to swim around in with the kids. Plus, several moms at the pool asked me where it was from so it’s pretty much buying me popularity, which I think we all know is the point of this whole thing.

palm tree suit // black one piece with fuller shoulders //coral crop top with striped bottom // black peplum swimsuit // orange one piece with ruffle

Anthropologie swimsuits perfect for moms2
2. Anthropologie: When I was buying my suit all of Anthropologie’s were back-ordered except one that is now out of stock, so I couldn’t try any on for you, but it looks like they have absolutely nailed it this season. The fabric choices are delightful, the cuts are generous but cool, and I have faith (an entire wardrobe’s worth of faith, thank you very much) that they know how to dress a woman’s body (I especially love the floral one with the tie waist – it screams Italian ease, which is exactly what I’m looking for while lounging in our plastic pool).

blue and white // floral swimsuit with tie waist // black one piece with scalloping // navy peplum suit // black, boy short one piece

Modcloth swimsuits perfect for moms2
3. Modcloth: Remember that suit I wouldn’t shut up about in the first fourteen paragraphs? (Just in case you missed it: Flattering. Curvy. Wore at birthday party. Didn’t die.) It was from Modcloth and you should probably just go buy it because every wardrobe should have one. Or you could check out their seeingly endless supply of suits in adorable patterns (love the flamingoes!) and flattering cuts (I swear their Esther Williams suits look good on everyone).

Bright Blossoms floral swimsuit // flamingo Bettie Page swimsuit // Paradise swimsuit with blue piping // Bathing Beauty in black // Know an Eccentric purple bikini // polka dot peplum

Shabby Apple swimsuits perfect for moms2
4. Shabby Apple: Shabby Apple is another site where I feel like I could wear every suit on it and feel cute. My stomach is typically my problem area and any of these peplums would let me drink the 47 piña coladas I’m currently dreaming about and still feel comfortable, while the ruffles on the one-shouldered suit and bikini are fresh without being overly young.

mint peplum suit // black ruffled top with palm bottoms // floral one piece with large ruffle // floral peplum suit with wide shoulders // pink floral suit with skirt bottom Unique Vintage swimsuits perfect for moms
5. Unique Vintage: One of the things I kept running into when I was looking for a suit was I’d find cute tops, but the bottoms were always really skimpy. So I ended up buying these bottoms from Unique Vintage, which I LOVE, and then pairing them with a longer bikini top so I get to wear a bikini without showing my stomach (actually the first top I bought was an actual shirt that I thought was a bikini top until my sister pointed out it was designed for clubbing not pools, which didn’t matter until I got in the water and learned chlorine is not good for actual clothes).

The point is Unique Vintage has a bunch of cute suits that cover you up but still make you look sexy. Sexy enough to wear on the dance floor from what I hear…

black, one piece halter top swimsuit // color blocked bikini // halter top with ruffled bottom

Honorable Mentions:

Miracle Suit, which I’ve never actually tried, but one of my friends swears is a “miracle suit”, mwahahaha!

Kingdom and State, which has excellent high-waisted bottoms and cute longer bikini tops (the top gold suit is from there and I really like it, but it looks like it’s sold out!).

Did I miss anything else? Let me know if you end up buying one from one of these stores and happy swimsuit shopping (not something you hear every day…)!

Top photo by the lovely Milou and Olin Photography.
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No, you’re not seeing double. This post was updated from the original to keep it current and on-trend so you don’t accidentally leave the house thinking mom jeans are uncool. Because they are cool if you wear them not like a mom even though you are a mom, which seems counter-intuitive, but trust me, they’re cool again, and, holy crap, who knew fashion could be so confusing.

April 26, 2016

My New Fave Jacket that Will Take You Through Next Year: A Leopard Print Coat

leopard print coat for transitional weather for moms - Fabulistas

Because we’ve lived in San Francisco for a long time almost everything I own is for Fall. This is a little known fact about San Francisco – tourists, take note! – but, while you’d think because it’s in California it’s going to be all sunny and warm, it is in fact most often foggy and chilly, especially in summer when the heat elsewhere pulls in the fog and it gets FREEZING and I get grumpy because while everyone else in the world is frolicking in rompers I’m wearing a ski jacket.

easy fall style for moms with ballet flats - Fabulistas

For the most part, though, I got totally used to it. It’s nice and easy to only have one season to dress for, and on the occasions it does get warm (March/April and September/October – again, take note, the perfect time to visit!) it feels like a true gift with the whole city out, enjoying the sun. Sure, I never had proper attire when we visited other locales, and would pack jeans for 100° weather, but if it was 50-70°, I was in business. black ballet flats from Topshop for Moms - Fabulistas

That, my friends, is all about to change. We moved about 20 minutes up coast and it’s a different world up here, like WE LIVE IN CALIFORNIA now. People wear shorts and flip flops most days and then when it’s really cold (65°) parkas and wool hats.

I am woefully unprepared so I’m pretty much pretending it’s not happening and still wearing my Fall clothes and just sweating it out. Or, if it’s absolutely too hot, wearing bizarre mixes of my one pair of shorts and then too tight tank tops from before I had kids that I really have no business wearing. leopard print coat with black pants for moms

The problem is it all seems like a huge undertaking to re-figure out how to dress for Summer (I used to do it all the time, but that was pre-kids when I believed an outfit without heels was not worth putting on), but I have a feeling I’m going to have to bite the bullet because, while this leopard print coat is adorable, it is also seriously sweaty in 80° heat.

gold vegan over the shoulder purse for moms - Fabulistas

So, consider this post my last hurrah to my San Francisco wardrobe this year. Come Fall, I will have so much content for you I will break the Internet, but, for now, I’m thinking that seeing photos of me in cute coats with ballet flats and the best black pants on Earth are not actually that helpful for most of the world (although, if you’re in San Francisco, you’re welcome). mom laughing in animal print coat with ballet flats - Fabulistas

For now, I’m going to go and figure out how to make my I Did My Best sweatshirt work as a swimsuit cover-up.

New favorite Leopard Print Coat with Leather Sleeves that really does go with everything // BEST BLACK PANTS // Ballet Flats (similar) // Vegan Over-the-Shoulder Bag that is kind of expensive, but I’ve had for years so worth it // Necklace from Banana Republic a long time ago

Photos by Milou and Olin.

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