September 2, 2015

An Easy Way to Document the First Day of School

printable backdrop for first day of school - Fabulistas

You guys, I totally missed the first day of school! OMG. Bring me my Mother of the Year Award, right? In my defense, I will say it’s preschool and they didn’t have much of a summer break so I didn’t even think about it until I walked in today and all the kids were wearing their first day of school outfits. Still, it was maybe something I should have put on the calendar?

My new plan is we’re going to pretend it’s the first day on Friday and we’ll do the whole deal with photos and a special breakfast and lots of excitement, and, no doubt, we’ll look back on those memories years from now with affection and only I (and the entire Internet) will know this dark secret.

printable backdrop for first day of school - Fabulistas-2

Speaking of which, all of you have probably already started back to school, which pretty much renders this blog post useless until next year unless you’re planning on also having multiple first days, which I feel like we should totally make a thing. If that is the case and you already recorded the first day (show off), just go ahead and pin this for a year from now and I’ll do my best to remind you about it. Which is pretty much like saying Vegas is the place to put your retirement funds because there’s a possibility you’re going to get rich; not sure I’d bank on it.

printable backdrop for first day of school - Fabulistas-3

If you’re like me and going with the first day times infinity route, will you please go over and download one of these adorable backdrops from Caravan Shoppe? They take your first day photos from cute to huzzah, don’t you think? And, normally, they’re a steal at $4, but right now they’re FREE! See, there are advantages to being a disorganized mess.

printable backdrop for first day of school-4

They also have a Back to School breakfast pack that includes: printables for their lunch, a placemat, and, my absolute favorite, a letter they write to their future self to record how they feel right now about starting school, what they want to be, and what they like most. As someone who often forgets to record these type of things (surprise!), it feels like a very doable and meaningful thing to do once a year.

printable backdrop for first day of school-5

So, here’s to a Happy First Day! Or a Happy Second First Day if that’s the case. May your year be filled with homework you understand, lunches that pack themselves, and lots of hugs and kisses.

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.



August 31, 2015

Sister Style: Bando’s Unicorn Heart Sneakers Two Ways

bando heart shoes sister style two ways - Fabulistas

Oh, you guys, it happened. Two of my favorite things in the world – and shoes – have come together in one glorious creation, the Unicorn Heart Sneaker (cue angels singing and iced coffee raining from the sky). OF COURSE, I bought a pair the day they came out and I have been wearing them every day with pretty much everything. As I told my husband to some not-so-subtle eye-rolling, when you have a shoe this versatile it styles itself.

Just in case you’re on the fence, I brought in my always-game sister to help show you how to rock them two ways. Although, I just realized we’re essentially wearing the same outfit, except in different colors, so it’s really how to wear them with shorts and a cute top but work with me, people! I’m high on unicorn hearts!

bando heart bag with BC sneakers - Fabulistas

So, first I want to show you how to pair them with, you guessed it, your Bando travel bag! Can you believe the luck? As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with getting matchy-matchy and while this is not the most subtle choice, it tells the world you are ready for a vacation without kids and to please get the piña coladas ready.

bando heart travel bag for sister style

And then little Miss Fun Killer had to come in and ruin my good time and tell me it was too over-the-top even for me. She literally had to tear the bag out of my hands though because I am that committed to my matching.

heart sunglasses with blue shirt and shorts and bando shoes

Oh, you think looking all cute and fashion blogger-y is going to bring me around to your side? You think pairing the hearts in your sunglasses with the shoes is perhaps a more subtle, grown-up choice? Is that what you’re saying? Okay, fine. You’re totally right.

sister style with heart sunglasses two ways - Fabulistas

I have many faults, but admitting when I’m wrong is not one of them (I’ve had so much practice, it’s kind of second nature now). The little minx is right and we look friggin’ adorable in our matching sunnies, don’t we?

bando heart shoes two ways with shorts - Fabulistas

It’s all unicorns and rainbows around here again (and one neighbor who looked out his window at this dance moment and quickly ducked back inside. Nothing to see here, sir, but two sisters rockin’ their dancing shoes).

bando heart shoes from BC two ways - Fabulistas

So, pretty much, you should go and buy your pair immediately. And if you want to throw in a heart duffel bag to just happen to wear with them on occasion when your sister is out of town or you just need an extra dose of fun, no one around here is going to judge you.


Photos by Erica Bean Photography.

August 5, 2015

You Can Totally Buy Happiness: Inedible Jewelry

burger inedible food earrings for fun moms - FabulistasAll right, huge confession time. You guys know how I’m a total iced coffee junkie? Well, it’s worse than you thought. For the past several years, no matter if I had to get up at the crack of dawn or drag screaming kids through the coffee shop, I have bought an iced coffee almost every day (the money and guilt may kill me yet). When the kids were so little and everything felt totally overwhelming, it was the one thing that felt like it was mine and made me feel like a regular person instead of a hot mess constantly on the verge of a breakdown in yoga pants.

All this is to say, as a mom, it’s the little things, am I right? And in this case, the really little things like these hamburger earrings from the totally rockin’ site, Inedible Jewelry.

burger earrings with fun sweatshirt for moms - FabulistasDirty diapers? Changed! Meltdowns x 10? Handled with love and grace! Realizing at the end of the day my shirt was actually see-through? HAHA!

See? And it’s all down to these little hamburgers that brightened my day and everybody I ran into (turns out people are really into hamburgers – who knew!).

yeah yeah sweater from shopandapparel for easy fashion - FabulistasI have to say, it was actually rather traumatic finally settling on hamburgers. There were so many options! For days I was going back and forth, thinking, do I pick a s’mores’ necklace to wear on our upcoming camping trip? Or go for the take-out coffee cup, which is hot rather than iced so it’s a nod to my addiction but not an actual metaphor?  Or should I just go for the pizza necklace because it’s delicious and everyone likes a slice?

As my sister said, “These are the kinds of decisions that keep world leaders up at night”, which couldn’t be more true and I’m afraid you’re going to be on your own on this one. #cheekymonkey
burger earrings from inedible food - FabulistasUltimately, it’s like your children. You wonder and worry what they’re going to be like before they get here and if it was a good idea, but, once they’re here, you know it was the right decision and they’re absolutely perfect. Go hamburgers!

My AWESOME sweater is from Shop and Apparel. They don’t have this one any longer, but have a bunch of other really cute versions.

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.



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