February 5, 2016

Our Valentine’s Day Shoot with Minted: That Darn Cupid

family mug shot Valentine's Day card

Listen, I love getting your Christmas cards – we read each one multiple times, hang them on the wall, enjoy them again sometime in summer when I find the full stack jammed under a pile of bills. For myself, though, I have given up on the idea I will actually get them out –  the holidays are just too crazy / I’m too disorganized / I need my beauty sleep / it makes me feel like crying (pick four).

So, rather than end up with a stack of cards I’ll never send, yet can’t seem to throw away (would you like a birth announcement from 2011? Because I have a couple hundred), this year we decided to skip the holiday madness and send a Valentine’s card instead. One of my best friends has been doing it for the past couple of years and I think it’s GENIUS. You have time to get everything together post-holiday, no one’s expecting it so it’s a super-surprise, and there’s no other competition from other people’s cards so yours will definitely make it to the fridge, which is obviously not the end goal except who are we kidding here? PUT US ON YOUR FRIDGE.

I was worried the only designs out there would be either overly sentimental or totally cheesy, but then I went to Minted, and, remembered, oh yeah, they totally get it. Their designs always walk the line between simple enough to show off your photo and design-y enough to make you look cool. And, they have a new feature where they address your envelopes for free. I’d like to say I was organized enough to take advantage of it, but ONE THING AT A TIME.

police line up for fun Valentine's Day card - Fabulistas

Because it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted do a shoot that highlighted our family’s all-encompassing love and would motivate our friends and family to display it for all the world to see. Plus, we had to be able to do it in our guest room with supplies I already had on hand (plumbing tape, last year’s hearts, and Alice’s new ballerina dress). And, I wanted to wear everything sequin in my closet. A Cupid Line Up was the obvious choice.
little girl holding police lineup sign for Valentine's Day card - Fabulistas

That Cupid is a saucy fellow. He has upped this gal’s cuteness level so high, there’s pretty much no way I can say “no” to her, which has sentenced me to many an afternoon playing Shutterfly to her Rainbow Dash (other parents of four year olds know exactly what I mean, right?).


holding sign for sequin overuse for Valentine's Day card - Fabulistas

He convinced me to commit an actual fashion crime multiple times this year, but I don’t care. Have you ever seen an unhappy person wearing sequins? EXACTLY. I rest my case.

Police lineup for Valentine's Day card - Fabulistas

You want to talk about Valentine’s Day love? How about when you tell your husband your idea for the holiday card and instead of hiding under the table, he asks which leather jacket makes him look more like trouble. That is a man I want for my valentine.

too cute for own good police line up Valentine's Day card - Fabulistas

And then there’s this guy. His sign should have read “cuteness is so distracting mommy can’t get anything done because all she wants to do is smother him with hugs and kisses.” It’s like Cupid wants to make sure our dishwasher is never fully emptied.

family police line up minted cardsObviously, Cupid has a lot to answer for this Valentine’s Day.
Valentines Day mug shot fun card for holidays - Fabulistas

And now the big question remains: Will we make it onto the fridge?! I’ll keep you updated as I harass my family and friends into submission. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This post was done in partnership with the lovely folks at Minted, who also just added a line of Classroom Valentines that will make you want to go back to school for a hot minute. Or will make you the coolest mom on the block. Either way adorableness for the win!

January 18, 2016

16 Ways to Hold Onto Your Baby Weight (all tried and tested, probably this week!)

stack of donuts from Johnnys Donuts - fabulistasObviously with it being the New Year there are a ton of posts floating around on how to lose those last few stubborn pounds or how to make this the year you finally get healthy, and that is all well and good. But, what about the other side of the coin? What about those of us gals who have held onto our baby weight because donuts are delicious and mornings are already exhausting and way too early? What about our year? It’s not like I just woke up one morning and couldn’t fit into my old clothes. Okay, I totally did. Actually, that’s exactly what happened. I got pregnant and one day none of my old clothes fit and here I am two years later and they still don’t.

But it’s not always easy! I have had to WORK to keep that weight on. It’s not all green smoothies and salads around here, although there are plenty of those too. It’s been late night ice cream sundaes and early morning pancakes, because I’m a gal who does what she needs to do.

And, you guys know me, I’m not one to sit on a secret, so I’ve rolled my experiences into a helpful guide: 16 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Can’t Fit in Your Jeans Two Years After Baby. Every one of these tips has been tested, many multiple times, and, believe me, I know they work.

1. Have 2 kids, 3 new jobs, and 4 moves while starting a business and living across the country from your family and help. Turn to late night treats because they are wonderful and make you feel like a normal human being and don’t want anything from you other than your immediate enjoyment.

2. Live less than a mile from Devil’s Teeth Bakery and make it your personal mission to introduce every person that stays with you to their magnificent cinnamon roll. Have visitors at least one week out of every month to keep up your quota.

3. Fall in love with iced coffee. Where before there might have been a dalliance, now it is a full-blown love affair that requires daily upkeep and plenty of simple syrup.

4. Find solace that you now spend your evenings at home on the couch by binge-watching excellent TV (Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Making a Murderer, Downton Abbey, House of Cards… the list goes on).

5. Get really into leggings, which cover a multitude of sins and don’t have pesky buttons, which might hint at how far you’ve fallen.

6. Spend Friday nights with either San Tung or Little Star. Both are delicious. Both are satisfying. Both make you feel like you’re the kind of person who once left her home to go to restaurants.

7. Join an adult soccer team to motivate yourself. Find it has the opposite effect because you’re so exhausted after the games you can’t work out for days.

8. Live at the top of a really big hill and have two small children who get very tired and whiny every time they have to walk up the hill, yet scream incessantly if you try to put them in a stroller. Decide it’s better for everyone’s mental health if you drive.

9. Start a blog, which requires lots of sitting and even more procrastinating, which takes the form of wandering around the kitchen, sampling whatever sugar is on hand.

10. Have a sister who starts a dessert bar company and needs people to test her goods and would most likely be devastated if you didn’t show your enthusiasm by finishing every last bite.

11. Tell everyone you know that the only thing you really don’t like is donuts (thank goodness!). Discover Johnny’s Donuts and realize now nothing is off the table. Literally.

12. Frantically starve yourself before Alt Summit each year because you realize you need four days of outfits and don’t fit into anything anymore and don’t want to spend money on new clothes. Make up for lost calories once the conference is over and zippers are off.

13. Turn 40 and find you genuinely don’t care about your weight anymore. Test out this theory by eating whatever you want without guilt.

14. Realize most days that it’s 2pm and you haven’t eaten anything yet and are starving. Eat the first thing you set your eyes on, which is invariably cookies.

15. Become a mom. Find yourself more worried about scrapes and cuts than carbs and counting, and more interested in imaginary play than gym work outs.

16. Know that when the time is right and life eases a bit, healthiness will once again find a prominent space in your life and, guess what, the jeans will still be there waiting.

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

bright bag from Charming Charlies for holidays - Fabulistas
Merry Christmas, you guys! And a very Happy New Year Year! We’re closing in on the big day and the excitement around here is off the charts (the kids have taken to spontaneous screaming, which is hilarious and heart attack inducing every single time). We have big plans to relax with family and eat ridiculous amounts of food and, basically, sit around and watch the kids lose their minds.

I’ll be back on January 4th with some spicy new stuff for the New Year; in the meantime, may you have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, love, and, hopefully, a laugh attack or two. Now, let’s go eat some cookies!!!

Happy Holidays!

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