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March 10, 2016

5 Minute Fun with Kids: Blindfold Taste Test

blindfold taste test for kids - Fabulistas

When my sisters and I were little we used to do blindfold taste tests where we’d dare each other to eat or drink whatever concoction we’d created, usually some disgusting mixture of ketchup, hot sauce, applesauce, and whatever was closest to rotting in the fridge. This activity is exactly like that. HAHA! Just kidding, you guys. We’ll leave the mild torture to siblings when the kids are a bit older.

items for kids taste test for easy fun - Fabulistas

Instead you’re going to put together a plate of different foods with different tastes and textures that you have lying around the house. I included chocolate chips because I am still vying for my “Mother of the Year” title and knew it would be a major hit.

lime for kids taste test for fun - Fabulistas

I also included limes because I was pretty certain they’d get a huge reaction and there’d be all sorts of sputtering and dramatics, which is exactly what you’re looking for in a successful taste test.

family playing taste test for kids - Fabulistas

The kid seriously gave me nothing. She was like, “Yep, Mom, that’s a lime. Not bad at all.” I, on the other hand, thought I was hysterical, because somebody needs to encourage me, right?

tasting limes for kids' taste test - FabulistasThere. We got the drama we needed.

feeding girl for easy taste test - FabulistasI was surprised at how detailed her descriptions were once we got going. The strawberries tasted like “bits of clouds” while she immediately recognized the avocado because “it was slimy and slid down my throat.”

taste test for kids for easy fun - FabulistasI’d say she was pretty pleased with her near perfect score. easy fun taste test for kids - FabulistasI feel like next time, it’s going to be all about the ketchup concoction, don’t you think?

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.

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