August 16, 2017

10 Ideas for Turning Emotions into Action

If you guys have been around here at all, you know I believe the fastest route to joy is staying in the moment. If you’re buried in your phone, lost in your head with worry, constantly distracted by to do lists, it’s hard to connect in a deep way with life and the others around you.

And, I don’t know about you, but the events of this past weekend, past month, past year, have made it harder and harder to stay in the moment. My head has been a hamster wheel of worry, stress, feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability, shame at not doing enough, and fear that I’ll do the wrong thing.

And I’m over it.

Last year, aka the greatest teacher I never asked for, I learned that fear is a terrible guide. Its intentions are good – to keep us safe – but really it keeps us small, at a time when the world needs people who are willing to be bold. It keeps us quiet when the world needs people to stand up and speak. It keeps us shamed when the world needs us to be vulnerable and curious, unafraid to ask what we might not know. It keeps us defensive when we need to be open without ego. And it keeps us isolated when, now more than ever, we need to be connected.

But, you know what fear hates? Action. When you’re in action, it’s harder to hear fear’s voice because you’re busy, working towards the future, working towards connection, working towards hope.

Have you ever had that experience where you go to a networking event or party or conference and you’re terrified and want to run because you don’t know anyone there? And then you take a risk and meet one person, who’s really nice and you talk about your shared love of “Playing House” and suddenly you’re excited again?

That, my friends, is fear taking a backseat to action and losing itself to possibility.

So, what can we do? As a community of moms who wants better for our kids, who are tired of sitting idly by?

Gals, we can take action. And I can’t think of any group more primed and ready for this task than moms (um, see the 547 things each of us accomplished yesterday. And that was after a full day of work.) – we are people who get things done, we want more for our kids, and I’m officially anointing us “holders of hope” because somebody has to do it.

Now, I’ve put together some ideas to get the ball rolling, but, listen, this is a group activity. We need to talk and share and listen, all the things we daily encourage our kids to do, so please let me know your thoughts! I can’t think of any more valuable comments than those.

1. Talk to your kids. As moms, we, obviously, have a huge influence on our kids’ outlook (see: my daughter’s overuse of the word “omg”) and I can’t think of anyone better to discuss what is happening in the world right now. SheKnows has a pretty good post on how to talk to your kids about world events to get you started while The Family Dinner Project has tons of resources to make dinner a time for conversation.

And if your kids are pretty little like mine, I can’t recommend Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls enough. A lot of questions come up every time we read it from why people would be unkind to someone who looks different to what a dictator is, and it’s not always easy, but I’m hopefully laying the groundwork for continued conversations and building kids who will care about people and their place in the world.

2. Read your local paper. I’ve heard from numerous activist friends that the best thing you can do is get involved at a local level and you’d be surprised at what may be going on in your community and the opportunities to help.

For example, our school has a father who was picked up by ICE (and thrown into prison (!) while he’s awaiting a judge’s decision) and our community has been incredibly active in calling congress people, attending rallies, and supporting the family. Things often aren’t happening “out there” but right in your neighborhood.

3. Share the stories. We respond to stories and to other people. When I tell people about the specifics of the father’s case from our school and about how it’s affected their family, it changes things. Suddenly it’s not faceless groups, but real people with real lives in areas where we live and that’s a harder pill to swallow. I see it as my duty to share as many stories of disenfranchised as I can (I’m a real hit at dinner parties, as you can imagine).

4. Ask your local school, library, or civic center if there are ways you can support and help. Schools are often the epicenter of what’s going on in a neighborhood and can give you guidance as to where help is most needed (just last year our school raised money for a local boy who was fighting cancer without health care, offered immigration clinics, and partnered with our local JCC after they received several bomb threats).

After the election, I went into the main office and asked if there were ways I could support our community and was able to gift books for kids’ birthdays who couldn’t afford it, donate a bunch of our baby stuff, and volunteer with kids who needed more reading help. They were small things, but most important things in life are, aren’t they?

5. Be friendly and smile at people. I know, I know. The one thing any woman hates is to be told to smile (I still bristle when I think about how many times I heard this in my 20s). But, you guys, if we want to build a better, more compassionate world, we have to connect with people. It’s just how it is.

I make it my goal to talk to at least one person every time I go out, no matter how uncomfortable I may be (I’m a connection weirdo, okay?). But, listen, the world IS a better place when we are kinder and connected.

It doesn’t have to be hard – all you have to do is look, really look, at the barista when you order your coffee and ask genuinely how they’re doing; or say hi to the harried dad walking down the street and tell him you get it; or offer a good morning with a smile to the person who looks nothing like you; or look a homeless person in the eye and ask them if they’d like a coffee. Let people know they are seen and the world is better because they are in it.

As you really get going with this, you’ll be surprised at the genuine interactions that arise in a matter of minutes! I’ve chatted with people for sometimes less than two minutes and had them tell me things they’ve said no one else knows. We can’t really know what’s going on with other people until we connect and listen.

5. Speaking of, expose yourself to different perspectives. Listen, I’m a white, middle-aged (gah!) mom who unloads her dishwasher for a living and writes late at night. And while I don’t know what it’s like to be someone else, that shouldn’t be an excuse for not trying to understand.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to find more places to read and understand other people’s perspectives (please leave me ideas in the comments!) but here are a few I’ve recently partaken in:

Sarah Jones podcast, “Play Date”: First, Sarah is a GENIUS. She is known for her plays and performances where she plays multiple characters across multiple nationalities, pitch perfect. On her podcast, she interviews creatives IN CHARACTER, which would be remarkable enough, but it’s the wisdom her guests come out with that is truly astounding and life-altering.

Podcast, Maeve in America: Maeve is an Irish gal who interviews immigrants around topics like the most difficult part of moving to the US, raising kids here, and giving your parents a hard time (I feel like that’s a universal thing, isn’t it?). Because she’s a comedian and a lot of the people she interviews are also it’s a lighter listen that still gets to the heart of things.

Read stuff that makes you uncomfortable (I find that’s usually a good barometer for knowing I’m being challenged and growing): Design Mom has intelligent, thoughtful discussions around challenging ideas while Awesomely Luvvie is hilarious and thought-provoking (and is going to be on the Together conference, which looks like exactly what we need right now). If you want a super-sharp dose of reality, Erynn Brook’s blog and her article “White Feelings for Charlottesville” will do the job and is, honestly, what put a fire under me.

Host a student from another country: One of the greatest gifts my parents gave us (next to travel) was a whole lotta exchange students. Sharing a home with someone from another country opens your eyes to different ways of living and your mind to different ways of seeing the world. It shifts your perspective and makes it very difficult to make blanket statements about “people” when you’ve experienced an actual person. One of my fave organizations ever, Up with People, is always looking for families!

6. Be curious. Fear shuts us down and makes us think we have the only answer, curiosity opens us up. Which is not to say it’s easy, but can you imagine how different things would be right now if curiosity were the bottom line? If, instead of getting defensive, we listened and asked, “Can you tell me more so I understand what you’re saying?” If we operated from a place of unknowing rather than having the answers?

I’m constantly working on this in my life, but I’ve noticed even with my husband and close friends how much more I learn when I stay curious and ask questions rather than try and hop in with the “answer.” People feel listened to and understood and our connection runs that much deeper.

7. Donate to organizations that are already fighting the fight. We all know this one, but it bears repeating, because the one thing non-profits always need is money to keep the things moving. Great things are happening by people who have dedicated their work to causes and it’s our responsibility as people who have chosen other career paths to make their lives as painless and seamless as possible.

8. Double-down on one cause. Part of my inertia comes from feeling totally and completely overwhelmed by the amount of issues I read about on a daily basis. What does it matter what one little person does in the face of all this mess?

So, I think about how I would treat this if it were my business or life. I would pick one thing and give it everything I had because I know that immersing yourself in the details and learning everything there is to know about a subject leads to success. It’s when we try and do everything at once that things get done half-assed, right?

So, I say pick one thing. It’s way better than doing nothing, which is where most of us are standing, right?

9. Don’t lose your sense of humor. I totally get how hard this one is, but the world needs lightness and joy. Selfishly, I need lightness and joy! I want to raise kids who are filled with love and laughter and that can’t happen if we lose our collective sense of humor so start watching “Playing House’ IMMEDIATELY.

10. Use your gifts. You guys, the world needs you right now. You are the only one of you that we’ve got and we need you to shake what your mama gave ya, okay? There has never been a better time for you to use your force for good and to share your gifts with the world.

I think I’ll end with one last thought – you’re bound to mess up. Cheery, right? 😁

But, it’s actually meant to be freeing. Because this is messy business we’re dealing with, all of us coming together. And we’re bound to say the wrong thing, make mistakes, let fear overtake our compassion, but we can’t let that stop us. It’s like I tell my kids 1439 times a day: You do your best and apologize when you hurt someone and get up try again. Now, c’mon, mamas, let’s get going on this thing.

August 10, 2017

How to Wear Overalls as a Mom + Summer Fun

Happy Summer, that is almost at its end! WAH?!? After a little bit of “woe is me” this weekend, the kids are I are back on track and ready to devour the rest of Summer with three a days (Remember those from sports in high school where you worked out three times a day? Yeah, we’re doing the same only with ice cream and parks.☺️)

But, first, important question: Are you guys into overalls? Because I am obsessed. You know how I feel about rompers and jumpsuits? Well, it’s maybe not that crazy – I haven’t yet accosted anyone in a store and tried to force them to buy a pair but I’m close (Oh, you didn’t know I did that? Yes, some poor lady in Denver is probably still recovering from our encounter, while LOOKING FABULOUS I might add, in the jumpsuit I “highly encouraged” – re: wouldn’t shut up about until she put down her credit card – her to buy).

Now, full disclosure. I found these photos on my computer from last Summer so they’re a year old, but I think that is even further testament to overall’s staying power. That and the fact I essentially wore this same outfit the Summer of 1995, although that round I paired them with enormous, men’s flannel shirts and ball caps, which just screams flattering and a good use of youth, doesn’t it?

Now, here’s the thing about overalls as an adult. You gotta go easy. When I first started wearing them I wasn’t sure how to do it and was pairing them with t-shirts that had a lot going on and fuzzy coats (omg, I just looked and also a fanny pack!) and it was too much.

Instead overalls should feel like an easy pair of jeans you just throw on. I like to wear them with tank tops (more on the fitted side to streamline my body) and flip flops. I love a good bandana because it gives a pop of color and breaks me up, but you’ve gotta be careful not to go farmer with it (tie it up close to your neck instead of hanging down). Throw on a pair of funky glasses and you’re ready to Summer it up.

Even better if your partner in crime wants to match you, although you’ve got to be ready for the fact she’s probably going to steal the show.

Cute, fun, and easy, right? But, Kara, we’re heading into Fall! What do I do with my overalls now?

I’m so glad you asked! Seriously, overalls are the perfect transition piece because you can wear these suckers all year round. Because we live in California I even wear them all Winter with a long cardigan over them (short is harder to wear because it creates a lot of bulk on top).

Besides needing to take it easy with your overalls, I like to also make them a little bit feminine (Remember my big flannels? Yeah, the opposite of that). In this case, a little bit of lace on the top of the shirt makes it a little more interesting and lightens up the heavy a bit (if it were all black I’d want something up top to break it up like my bandana). A striped shirt would also have been cute or a floral, don’t you think?

And, I’m all about fitted because if it’s too big then it hangs out the sides and adds pounds and mama doesn’t need any of that business, okay?

Can you guys see my epic watch? I bought it when I was about 21 in Italy and found it when we moved and I’m all into it again. It’s my favorite kind of accessory – one that is easy to wear, but takes your outfit from everyday to wowza.

Kind of like this little gal. #showstealer

So, to round-up our overall tutorial. 😁

  1. You should most definitely be wearing them because they are totally throw on-able and adorable.
  2. Err on the side of easy so you don’t look like you’re trying to hard (ie. don’t do this).
  3. Go for fitted underneath to streamline your bod.
  4. Add some feminine elements if you can so you don’t look like a lumberjack/farmer.
  5. Always have an interesting accessory (this should be on my gravestone).
  6. Take along a mini-me because nothing makes you look cuter than a little person dressed the same.

Happy Overall-ing!


(These first overalls are sooooo cute – please buy them? 😁)

Photos by my gal Milou and Olin.
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May 17, 2017

Three Ways to Style a Romper


A year or so ago, I totally hopped onto the romper/jumpsuit train and I am OBSESSED. You guys, they are truly a mom’s best friend because there is no decision-making involved! They are one piece so you don’t have to decide what top or bottom to wear or wonder if you should tuck your shirt in or realize you have to change pants again because the waistband on this pair weirdly keeps shrinking even though you hang all your pants after washing.😳

No, rompers are one piece and almost always with an elastic waistband (#score). Basically, they are socially acceptable pajamas. Plus, you can dress them up or down, wear them to the beach or out for a date, or both in one day if your life is really interesting.

To bring you on board, I’m going to show you a simple black romper (H&M, baby), done up three different ways so you can too can change your life. Because sneakily wearing pajamas as clothing is a serious life-changer. 😎IMG_9666

Look 1: Saucy Octogenarian at the Beach
Everyone in my close family hates this hat, and, you guys, I don’t care. I love that it has velcro in the back so it works over any hairstyle. I love that it if I had longer hair I could wear a ponytail out of the top of it. I love that when I’m 104 I’ll wear it to Bingo and feel totally at home. It is a hat that keeps on giving. Plus, it takes my romper from cute gal going to the beach to movie star-ish from the 1940s.


See, what I mean?!?


As for the scarf, are you guys into scarves? Because I feel like you should be. They elevate any outfit from everyday to WOWZA! without any effort at all, which is every mom’s dream.

romper (similar) // scarf (not the same, but so cute) // hat (similar) // gold sandals (way cuter) // sunglasses 


So, now you’ve spent all day at the beach and it’s getting chilly and you’re headed to dinner with the gals in that restaurant where they always crank up the air con (or, even better, it’s Fall and you still want to wear your romper! So many good scenarios…). Since, you’re a mom and don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe, how about we change up that adorable romper with a few accessories and get you ready for the cooler temps?

Look 2: Meeting the Gals
Here’s what I love about a plain romper – you can throw on a cardigan or structured jacket and you’re ready for cooler weather. In this case, I went Summer/Fall and paired it with my fave sandals that I don’t get to wear enough, but I could have gone more Fall/less Summer and gone with short booties and I think it would have worked as well.


In other news, I wish they’d bring this purse back because it works with everything and I loved giving it as a gift.


In other, other news, one time I wore the middle, spiky bracelet to a wedding and my little boy (who was a baby) kept screaming throughout the ceremony and I just thought he hated love. Turns out I was poking him in the back with it every time I went to hug him so he was just hating my love. #motheroftheyear


romper // cardigan (similar) // low heeled sandals (similar) // gold purse (out of stock😭😭😭) // bracelets (collected over the years)


Okay, now we’re just going to throw caution to the wind and we’re going to PARTY IT UP in our romper.

Look 3: On the Town Because Moms Need Fun Too
I remember when I was in my 20s and I would be so popular/busy that I would have to plan my outfits so I could go to work and then go out in it. I’d plan a different necklace and shoes and purse to take it from day to evening. Did you guys do that too? Well, we’re doing it now because this romper can do ANYTHING.


Now, I have big plans for all of us and our romper so you probably want to bring along your fanny pack. That way you can dance the night away and don’t have to worry about setting down your cell phone and losing all the photos you’ve taken of your kids since they were babies (not that I would know anything about that particular feeling of panic).


You can really pair it with any heel – I like a bit chunkier because I feel like it keeps me looking proportional (otherwise, I look top heavy). Plus, it lets the world know we’re headed out for fun instead of dive bombing into our couch.

IMG_9924 IMG_9999

Now I totally get that not everyone needs to constantly channel their inner eighth grader and maybe you’re not that into fanny packs. No problem. All you need is a cute clutch and you’re ready to go.


Because I’m super into the matchy-matchy thing fashion has going on lately, I kept everything in the gold family, but this is where you can get crazy. Use that clutch you haven’t pulled out in years! Pull out your heels that haven’t seen the light of day since pre-kids! Your romper can handle it!

IMG_9968 IMG_9948

romper // gold bandana necklace (similar) // gold heels (from many years ago) // fanny pack // clutch (not the same, but this one would take you through life)

What do you gals think? Did I convince you to buy a romper? If not, I can seriously come up with more of where that came from. 😂

Photos by my gal Milou and Olin.
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