October 23, 2016

Super Easy Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids at Halloween (most take about 3 minutes!)


I don’t know about you guys but life around here is suddenly heading into warp speed and I’m realizing my favorite holiday – Halloween, obviously – is fast-approaching and I have barely even given it a nod outside of eating a crap ton of Count Chocula (why must you be so delicious, you marshmallow diva!?!?!).

Just in case you’re in the same boat and want to start getting the fam in the spoooooky mood (or, in our case, vaguely scary because the kiddos aren’t into anything even remotely frightening, which takes out pretty much all the things I had planned like jumping out of closets and creating a mini-Haunted House), but haven’t got the time, I’ve put together eight super-easy things you can do to get the Halloween party started.

And, here’s the thing, often when I post these things, I worry that you’re all going to think I’m ridiculous because they are so easy, but that is the point! I literally went into the Dollar Store and looked around and bought a bunch of stuff that I thought would make the kids laugh and we’ve been goofing around with it all week. So much of having fun with your kids is just about remembering to do it, which the hardest part. And, why you should follow me on Instagram right now –  I’m going to remind you every day starting on Monday to take a couple of minutes to remember the spirit of the season, which is sugar and cackling like a crazy person, obviously.

Also, I meant to get this up earlier so you could supplies (ACK!), but life happens and I’m starting with ideas where you don’t need anything special. If you want to Amazon everything to you, I have the links below, or hit the dollar store, which is where I found it all!


Day 1: Okay, I thought we should start slow and all I want you to do is dress up in a Halloween costume early. It doesn’t have to be a lot (in this case I just went with a witch’s hat, although the other day I went full crocodile), but I can’t recommend enough opening the door in full costume to your kids as they walk in from school.


Day 2: I VANT TO SUCK YA BLOOOOOOOOOD!!!!  Get yourself some fake vampire teeth and pretend to suck each other’s blood or just try and talk to each other. You might notice I also incorporated some fake blood (masterful touch!), which I thought was thrilling, but was not appreciated by the younger set.

Alternatively, you can use the teeth as pretend race cars that talk to each other.


Day 3: Jazz up some plain morning yogurt with black and orange sprinkles and googly eyes. The key to this being successful (as with most things with kids) is to NOT make a big deal about it. Instead I like to just put it in front of them to see if they notice, which invariably invokes a much larger reaction, which is what we’re going for, right? THE MONSTERS GOT INTO THE YOGURT AGAIN! AHHHHHH!


Day 4: Eat Halloween candy before it’s actually Halloween. It’s been staring you in the face all month and you’ve been oh-so-good, but I’m going to let you in on a secret: If it’s “an activity with the kids” the calories don’t count AND you’re doing a public service (not sure what it is, but let’s just go with it).



Day 5: Color their milk a spoooooky green and add a couple of floating eyeballs. In this case, I like to pretend I had no idea and jump sky high when I put it down in front of them because WHOSE EYEBALLS ARE THOSE?!?! (Like I said, it’s all about the delivery).


Day 6: Invest in a pair of hilarious eyeball popping glasses. I say “invest” because, obviously, you will use these for years to come.uj7a7870 uj7a7882

Day 7: Okay, this one seems a little dumb, but buy a Halloween towel (I got the one above at The Dollar Store, but this one is way cuter). It makes the kitchen way more festive (and reminds me near constantly it’s almost Halloween) and there’s been a lot of unprovoked hand-washing happening, which can only be a positive seeing as we’re headed into flu season.


Day 8: My love of holiday headbands is well-documented because holiday headbands are THE BOMB (are we still allowed to say that?). They’re the fastest, cutest way to fun up your day and will you look at those two cuties? OMG, my heart just exploded.

See how easy that was? And aren’t we having the BEST TIME now? YAY!

All the links so go fill up your cart (or seriously Dollar Store and Safeway have them all):
Vampire Teeth (DS) // googly eyes + orange and black sprinkles (SW) // Halloween candy (omg, look at these!) (DS) // eyeballs (DS) // funny glasses (DS) // Halloween towel (DS) // Halloween headbands (DS)

And, if you’re not following me over on Instagram, now’s the time because I’m going to do my best to remind you! HAPPY HALLLLLLOOOOWEEEEN!

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Photos by the magnificent Milou and Olin Photography

October 7, 2016

50 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes You Can Buy (oh yeah!)


I hate to break this to you guys but there are only so many years where you can dress your kid up for Halloween in whatever YOU want. By the time they hit four, your chance to dress them up as mini Elvis or a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man goes out the door in favor of whichever superhero or princess is the flavor of the day.

So I have one piece of advice: DO NOT BLOW IT. Use those baby years wisely. Dress them up as a lobster (and yourself as a chef!) or as a cuddly lamb (and yourself as Bo Peep!) or as a beautiful swan (and yourself as Bjork!) or as Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Frida Kahlo or whatever else your heart may desire because in no time at all you’re going to be figuring out how to fit into a Teenage Mutant Ninja family costume.

Oh, I do have one more piece of advice: ORDER IT OFF THE INTERNET. If you are reading this and have a baby you should be ordering everything in life off the Internet while laying on the couch and having people bring you things. You should feel no pressure to DIY or “pull together” a costume because you have A BABY and that’s what the Internet is for – to bring costumes to adorable babies and their gorgeous parents, thereby relieving stress and creating harmonious Halloween’s for all. Seriously, just buy it. 🙂

Okay, advice time over. Onto 50 Adorable Costumes You Can Buy for Your Baby!

Personalize this astronaut costume with his or her first initial and last name (I think I just died of cuteness overload), and let ’em take one small step for babykind in this cozy jumpsuit.

baby-bjork-swan-costume-for-halloween-daily-littleSWAN for $44
My little girl loved her tutus and this gorgeous swan costume takes it up a notch with its elegant simplicity (two words I never imagined saying in regards to Halloween). Plus, it comes as a set with a bodysuit and separate tutu so your kiddo can wear it long after Halloween’s over.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super…wait, it’s actually the cutest plane EVER. Bonus points because your baby will be cuddly and warm while you scarf down his candy.


How many times have you told your kiddo that he’s so cute you want to eat him? This tortilla wrap costume will have everyone else around town echoing your sentiments. I couldn’t stop giggling when I first saw this costume, made from a stretchy cotton-poly blend that won’t keep baby too hot, despite how incredibly cozy it looks.


We’re totally obsessed with Max in our house and this version is easy-to-wear and totally huggable. Let’s just hope this is the Max-After-Nap version…


Butterfly for $99
Okay, I hemmed and hawed over whether to include this one because it is expensive, especially for a Halloween costume, but it is so pretty and you only get once chance to dress your kiddo up and then I started thinking this would also make an excellent holiday dress, and New Year’s party dress and birthday dress…


This lederhosen is actually a jumpsuit with a snap for easy diaper changes so NOT JUST FOR HALLOWEEN! (My poor kids.) Slap the stein sticker (included) on your kiddo’s bottle or sippy cup and you’ll have the neighbors chanting “Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggyy oy oy oy!”


I don’t have many regrets but a big one is I didn’t know about this costume when my kiddos were small enough to fit into it. Has anything looked more snuggly and cuddly and flippin’ adorable? NO.


OCTOPUS for $20.99
Dress ’em up with as many arms as they already SEEM to have. Plus, it’s perfectly cozy for a chillier Halloween night.


My daughter would have given anything to have worn this dress. Heck, I’d have given anything to wear it because who doesn’t want a little more Audrey in her life?


The only thing better than a Cabbage Patch (how I loved you Francis Xavier!) is a real live baby dressed up as a Cabbage Patch.


MOUSE for $34.99
Even better, round up your kiddo’s 2 besties, add dark sunglasses, and you’ve got yourselves an adorable Three Blind Mice trio.


CARE BEAR for $19.60 and up
Teach your little one the Care Bear stare and suit ’em up in this head-to-toe bundle of ’80s nostalgia (although, where’s my Grumpy Bear!?!?!)


LI’L CHICKEN for $59.99
The year I dressed Alice up as a chicken was a huge hit because babies as chickens are HILARIOUS. Put it to the test with this adorable, little number. Promise, I’m not wrong.


FLAMINGO for $58.99
If your kiddo is obsessed with pink like mine, they’re going to love flapping around in this vibrant pink flamingo costume. It comes in extra small—perfect for your bittiest baby out for her first trick or treating adventure.


GARDEN GNOME for $25.97 and up
Babies dressed up as tiny old men never gets old because they are BABIES DRESSED LIKE TINY OLD MEN.


HARRY POTTER for $14.99
Just add a forehead scar and a pair of faux glasses and you’ve got yourself an adorable little Harry. Because it’s a onesie, this shirt will last long after Halloween’s over. No guarantees it can get you tickets to “The Cursed Child” though…


HOT DOG for $19.99
Your favorite baby + America’s favorite food = costume win. Dress up the rest of the fam as condiments, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a group costume.


Just add this mane and tail (handmade in Michigan!) to any outfit and insta-lion cuteness. You could also go full out and dress the rest of the family in “Wizard of Oz” and probably win the Halloween parade.


YODA for $25
Your baby, adorable in this costume, will be.  Very happy too, will Daddy be.


GOLFER for $35.99
It’s never too early to get ’em started on their future athletic career. Includes a beret, shirt, pants, shoe covers, and golf bag with clubs (eek!).


WITCH for $39
There are a MILLION witch costumes out there, but pretty sure this is the most adorable (and affordable) one! This two-piece outfit includes the dress and hat; cuteness is all on you.


LOBSTER for $31.58
She’ll be the tastiest lil’ babe on the block, especially if you dress up as a chef. This lobster costume comes with snaps for an easy diaper change, plus skid-resistant booties for your new walker.


MARIO for $26.15
This Mario Bros one-piece jumpsuit is comfy and comes with Mario’s iconic hat.


BANANA for $19.99
Baby Banana! Baby Banana! Baby Banana! Do not bring your baby around me in this baby banana costume because I’m not going to be able to contain my excitement for your BABY BANANA!


Remember what I said about wanting to eat your kids because they’re so cute? This costume double downs on that idea because MILK AND COOKIES!


MONKEY for $24
The perfect accompaniment to the banana costume, this sweet monkey costume totally fits the most mischievous member of your family.


MISS PIGGY for $37.99
Who, moi? This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, you guys! That headpiece is beyond hilarious and you can be certain my 5-year old would never wear it. WAHHHHHH!


I craved sushi like crazy when I was pregnant so this costume might just make up for it. Even better, this costume can be customized to your favorite sushi. Prefer salmon? Tuna? You got it!


ELVIS for $17.50
Your chubby little one will be a chunka chunka burning love. Pants, hat, and booties are all included in this onsie printed to look like Elvis’ Aloha costume.


PINK PIG for $31.49
If pink’s his or her favorite color of the moment, your kiddo will be completely enthralled with this plush pig costume. Included are the sleeveless bodysuit and pig head; just add a long-sleeved shirt and leggings and you’re all set for trick or treating!


R2D2 for $48
Oh. Em. Gee. Star Wars fans will flip when they see your little one in this easy-to-wear Halloween onesie and hat.


PEACOCK for $36.75
This peacock costume provides warm coverage for chilly October nights, plus the feet remove easily if your kiddo wants to wear shoes instead.


Go, go Power Rangers! Harness her inner girl power with this easy-to-wear Power Rangers onesie.


PENGUIN for $32.93
Okay, a penguin costume would have been adorable, but a penguin in a bow tie and top hat? Da-da-da!


PINEAPPLE for $27.50
Tell me every blogger out there isn’t going to be dressing their kiddo in the fruit of the moment. Add a Mommy Mai Tai and you have Halloween perfection.


Your sugar baby will have an insanely colorful costume to match her sweet-as-candy personality. Toothpaste and brush not included.


RAINBOW for $39
This is so sweet. Magical and sweet and it makes me want to have another baby just so she can wear this. Dammit, Pottery Barn! Golden crown included.


ROBOT for $39.99
Hopefully all robot babies in the future will look this adorable. This blocky costume is plush and soft, with matching gray sleeves and legwarmers included. (Plus that heart! <3!)


VIKING for $31.99
You guys…that beard. Come on. How can you resist this mini viking? Answer: you can’t.


SMURFETTE for $28.99
She’ll be the sassiest lil’ baby smurf in all of the forest in this sweet blue outfit. Add a bright blonde wig to really step up the Smurfiness.


SPARTAN for $12.50
This is SPARTA! A perfect costume for warmer weather, your little warrior will love gathering candy (for Mommy and Daddy) in this fully-accessorized spartan costume.


PRINCESS LEIA for $19.99
Get your little one in on the Star Wars fever early with this irresistible Princess Leia outfit. This regal costume is super-cozy and pretty sure that bun wig will match everything in her wardrobe for the rest of her babyhood.


There’s something strange…in the neighborhood… And it’s a ridiculously cute Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby.


POPEYE for $20.84
I will always have a soft spot for Popeye, mainly because I was a weird kid who was obsessed with Shelley Duvall (remember “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”?!?! Fine, no one else does either.). Add a can of spinach and your kiddo’s all set to go.


Girl power! This Wonder Woman onesie includes a one-size-fits-all tiara and isn’t bulky, plus it’s super-easy to wear all year long.


Could she get any sweeter? With an embellished bodysuit and matching headband, this costume was freshly picked for your lil’ berry.

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September 6, 2016

Here and Now

flowers against blue sky - Fabulistas

This post has been such a long time coming and I must have started it 45 different times, but words can’t fully capture these past few months so I’ve decided to stop trying and just be here with you all now. I know when my heart and mind have settled a bit (and I can figure out my part of the story to tell) I’ll find the right words. Or maybe I won’t. What I’ve learned most over these past couple of months is guarantees are often not within my control, a thought which is terrifying and exhilarating.

What I can promise you is this: I will do my best to be present with you and with my life. I will remember to look up at the sky and the sun and the trees instead of always down at my to do list. I’ll remember to get down to my kids’ level to hear about their day, roll around on the floor, and giggle with them while they still think I’m cool. I’ll commit to lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling for no other reason than to remember what it feels like to have enough time. I promise to not forget how good an ordinary day feels. To revel in the small joys and big hugs that make a life well-loved and well-lived. I will work to practice patience with other people because I don’t know or understand the trials they may be going through. I will make time for the things I love to do because they bring me joy and that is enough. I’ll make the time to really connect with the people I love because, when it comes down to it, they are what matters and where my heart lies.

And when I invariably fail to remember all of this and forget to hold life preciously and instead get caught up in racing against the clock and getting it all done, I’ll give myself a break and, when I remember to, give myself permission to have an iced coffee and try, try again.

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