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September 18, 2014

Project Nursery’s New Online Shop is Totally Gorgeous, Of Course

When I was putting together Alice’s nursery I was A FREAK. Totally obsessed. I was a crafting, searching, inspiration board maniac. Don’t believe me? My team at work bought me this Anthropologie shower curtain months before my shower, in what I can only imagine was a bid to shut me up because it was all I talked about in meetings. Unfortunately, for them, it didn’t work because then I just talked about how much I loved the curtain and did they think a turquoise elephant lamp was going to be too much up against it or could I get away with it because it was an elephant and isn’t nursery planning fun?

My point is, all I wanted was a bunch of cool, unique items that would make people gasp when they walked into the nursery, is that too much to ask? What I needed was Project Nursery’s new online store. It is GORGEOUS! But, still totally fun and accessible and the kind of place where you can buy paint that’s baby-safe and a print for their walls that reminds you how much you love them.

Here are eight of my faves that make me want to do the whole thing over again…

tin hanging lamp with bird perchedHanging Lamp with Bird That’ll Probably Change Your Life
This is a lamp to build a nursery around. This is a lamp worthy of many nursery tours. This is a lamp that you’ll be happy to see at 2am. This is a lamp that will keep you warm at night and probably picks up its socks and puts them in the laundry basket and probably even tweets a little song while doing it because this is the PERFECT LAMP.

stickers for your baby's first year

Floral Baby Stickers to Keep Track of Your Baby’s Growth
When Alice was in her first year I valiantly attempted to do the whole picture-a-month thing. I spent an hour (an hour!) making a badge that I planned on redoing each month to match that month’s outfit. SHOCKER ALERT: I have that month’s photos. The badge is nowhere to be found and my memories are hazy. Had I been smart I would have bought these adorable stickers and then stuck them on her the day that month she was all clean and shiny and called it good.

cloud and bird nursery wall papaerDaydream Wallpaper in Sunshine
This is the sort of thing that makes me yearn to settle down in a place for a long time. I’d paper the kids rooms in this Daydream Wallpaper in Sunshine and then I’d make everyone who visited was highly aware we live in a home with walls covered in daydreams in sunshine and then I’d hashtag it #karaisawesome.

confetti wall decals for nurseryConfetti Wall Decals in Coral and Gold 
But, right now we live in an apartment that I’m pretty sure our landlord doesn’t want me papering, no matter how gorgeous the name of the wallpaper, so we’ll have to settle for things like these removable Confetti Wall Decals, which, ohmahgawd, is my life terrible or what!?!?

crib bedding with handdrawn rufflesHand-drawn Ruffle Crib Sheet that Doesn’t Make You Want to Gouge Your Eyes Out
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find gender-neutral crib sheets that are cute and don’t feature bunny rabbits? Of course, you do, because you just spent the past 14 hours of your life looking for them. Well, here you go. These hand-drawn ruffles are so sweet, the colors will match just about any decor, and it’s subtle enough you probably want a matching set for your own bed (I do).

chewable necklace for baby in turquoiseChewable Necklace in Turquoise
I loved my chewable necklace and so did Bennett. It was kind of like a candy necklace for my baby that I didn’t have to feel guilty about and I could wipe off and people would never know it had just been gnawed to death by a very drooly 8-month old.

gorgeous modern changing table - white and goldHeavenly Baby Changing Table
Having another baby because you want a redo on the nursery decor is a bad idea, right? Right. Of course, it is. It’s just I see a changing table like this and start thinking all those late night wakings weren’t really that bad, were they? I mean, I know I complained non-stop, but that was just because that’s what you’re supposed to do, not because I was actually that tired. Right? Right?

lovely tassel mobile for baby's roomSweet Tassel Mobile for Baby’s (or Toddler’s) Room
Like I told my husband when I hung up our cardboard deer head, I’m a blogger so there are certain things I’m, by contract, obliged to get excited about and, I’m sorry, but a gold tassel mobile hanging from a twig and screaming “Woodland Nursery” is ONE OF THEM.

There’s lots more goodness where these came from. Check out Project Nursery’s complete shop or lose the rest of your afternoon in their galleries.

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