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July 12, 2012

Relaunch of the Fun Project: Pretend to be a Detective

When we first moved to San Francisco (and way before Alice), I decided that my life needed a kick in the pants. We were living in this amazing city with things to do coming out our ears and all I was doing was working. And going out to eat. And then working a lot more. So, I made a bold pronouncement and said I was going to do one fun thing a day and then write about it for a year. It lasted thirteen. Turns out having fun was a bit more time-consuming than I’d originally anticipated…

Which is not to say I’m giving up on it! I’ve come to realize I need it more now than ever. I’ve spent too many days trying to kill my never-ending to-do list and too many nights sitting on the couch, working with crappy TV on just making noise. And while – I know, I know – there’s a lot going on that needs our attention (parking tickets, tardy thank you notes, and a kitchen floor that’s hosting a bacterial orgy as we speak, all come to mind), I’m finding if I don’t make time for fun (and, heaven forbid, plan for it) it ain’t gonna happen.

So, I’m officially relaunching the Fun Project with a slight modification – I’m aiming for twice a week. At first, this threw me into a tail spin, thinking, “Twice a week is so lame. I should commit to at least four. Or five! Or, I know! Why not go all in?!?!” But, then I settled myself and realized, if I actually do this, by the end of the year, we’ll have had over 100 unique/inspiring/happy experiences, which sounds pretty darn fun.

And what better way to kick it off than with a mysterious evening solving a crime for the ages? Or something like that. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was getting into – Real Escape Games called it a “live puzzle event” – but I had a feeling it called for my Carmen San Diego hat.


I dragged my friend Lauren along, who is a great sport. Like when they pulled out the costume box she suggested looking mysterious for our photo. Here are the results:
I prefer her beautific expression to my “now, where did I park the car again?” one.

The whole mystery revolved around finding the code to open this treasure box. (I apologize for the horrible photo – I was busy trying to take notes and look smart while photographing it and…it was hard.)

We were randomly paired with some other folks, who were, thankfully, very, very smart. Like while we were waiting for the game to start they were chatting about algorithms as if it was as normal as chatting about what Suri wore over the weekend. Algorithms. I had a feeling I was in over my head.

Once the game started we had to hustle around the room and solve all of these word puzzles, which in turn led to more word puzzles, and, I’m not kidding, it was intense. My brain, rather unfortunately, has a tendency to slow waaaaaay down when the pressure is on so I pretty much ran around, pointing at different puzzles and shouting out unhelpful hints. Like at one point I was obsessed with the idea that every clue needed to be unscrambled and would not shut up about it. Lucky team.

I’d like to say we were close, but, honey, it was difficult. One team (cheaters) figured it out, but otherwise most of us were left groaning as the Games Master walked us through to the answer. I would not have figured it out had I sat there all day.

Here’s our team – you can practically see their cerebrums working. They were honestly such a fun group of folks, I’m hoping they call me for the next one. No, really. I’m sure there’s something that needs to be unscrambled! Puh-lease!

Real Escape Games is planning on making this a regular thing here in San Francisco. More mysteries to come…

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One thought on “Relaunch of the Fun Project: Pretend to be a Detective

  1. Fabulous! So much fun. I would be happy to be your plus one any adventure of the week.

    Lauren, a willing playmate on July 19, 2012 at 4:31 am

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